Last One Standing.-A work I did about me against my inner demons~Using pens, lords and digital work.-For a better view: 2014.

lurking.-My nightmares, about demons lurked my heart.-On Deviantart: pens and digital work.-August 2014.

Immensum sequuntur somnia / Endless Nightmares.-All my nightmares, fears and other bad dreams and not the most nice life events in one picture.Enjoy~-Using pens, lords and digital work.-July 2014.-

Fear of a Creation.

Hello friends! :D
My final project in classic animation year b in Minshar for Art.
Lipsing and acting project, talking in Hebrew about the fear of a creation.

Sorry for not having english subtitles, hope to add in time.

Thanks to Gur AK Gur Keren for help with the text and the voice, and to my teacher , Yoni Salmon.

In facebook:
In vimeo:
In youtube: soon.

Enjoy! ^^


Hello dear friends! ^^
This is my final project in Stopmotion-Animation year b in Minshar for Art, made by my class friend,
Evgeniy Shumskiy and myself.This animation is about a nightmare memory.
Made in pixelasia stopmotion style and classic animation.

And thanks for our teacher Moran Somer and my friend the actor Solomon Roskin.

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In vimeo:
In youtube: soon.

Hope you will enjoy it! :)

The restaurant at the end of the universe.

From my final project in Background Art in college, I made 2 backgrounds from the second book from the series “The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” - “the restaurant at the end of the universe”.
I used photoshop and pen with lords.
Enjoy :)
June 2014.

My Demons.
Using pens/ink.-May-June 2014.


A college project made in flash about one of my best friends Gur Keren and his synesthesia.
His synesthesia includes mixing numbers and colours (such like: 0 - white , 1 - black , 2 - yellow and etc.).
Speacial Thanks to:
Sharon Gazit - my teacher.
Idan Casif.
And for the sound effects:

May 2014.

Sweet Dreams.
Using pens/ink.-May 2014.

The Wall - Pixilation.

~Hello friends~ :)

A Pixilation exercise I made with my friend class Keren Danielsky.
Stop-motion, gaming style~!